Desuperheater & Atempratör

Desuperheater & Atempratör


What is a Desuperheater? How It Works?

Desuperheaters are crucial components used in the thermal management of heat power generation sources to industrial uses in steam conditioning.

When gas is used for heating or other heat transfer or in industrial processes, it is most efficient when saturated. It is a device that lowers the temperature of superheated gas so that it can be used efficiently for heating or for other industrial use. This gas temperature minimization is also called as attemperation, is performed by the desuperheater water heater (a device that injects a prescribed amount of water into a gas flow stream).

The general purpose, of this device is to provide effective and continuous heat transfer between gas and water. And a highly effective desuperheater application and design ensures that costly problems to be avoided, including general wear of downstream piping and equipment, long startup and shutdown times, and reduced process efficiency.


Desuperheater Working Principle/ Function:

The primary function of a desuperheater water heater is to minimize the temperature of superheated gas and other vapors. This temperature reduction is achieved by the process vapor being brought into direct contact with a liquid such as water. The injected water is then evaporated.

Basic technology:

Simple technology, with nozzles and control valve who lead to variable pressure on the nozzles. Installed springs in the device can’t help enough to maintain a good pressure for a good spray, 

Desuperheater Applications:

  • The Desuperheater can be found in different types of applications, including:
  • Power generation
  • Process controllability
  • Thinner pipe and lighter flanges
  • Preventing lubricant degradation
  • Protecting downstream equipment
  • Gas desuperheaters
  • Small flow rate desuperheater with low turndown
  • Steam ejectors
  • Nox vapor on Gaz turbine
  • Tire mould
  • Vulcanisation
  • Cooking pot
  • Boiler and steam exchangers protection.
  • Etc..


Why Desuperheater?

Desuperheaters are important components used in the management of superheated gas power generation sources to industrial uses of gas. This mechanism of desuperheating the refrigerant represents the vast majority of desuperheating applications. In water spray desuperheater, superheated refrigerant is passed a section of pipe fitted with one or more spray nozzles. These nozzles inject a small amount fine spray of cooling water onto the superheated refrigerant, which causes the water to be converted into gas, hence reducing the quantity of superheat.

Benefits of Desuperheater?

  • The cooling water is always injected into the centre of the pipe, regardless of the quantity.
  • The perfect combination of quarter-turn principle, nozzle design and subsequent nozzle opening ensures reliable and precise cooling in all load cases.
  • Both its design and the use of high-grade materials prevent vibration fractures of the valve’s functional components and ensure a reliable operation without interruptions.
  • With its high rangeability, the  SART desuperheater offers an outstanding quality of control.The control performance is continuous across the entire control range.
  • The valve is permanently leak-tight to the outside.

Desuperheater can be actuated by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.